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MP3 Downloads

Starter Collection MP3 Download
Good for Anger Management, Depression, Short or Long Term Illnesses, Focus and Direction, Trust Issues
A collection of four meditations that target everything from anger management, depression, short or ..
Breath of the Universe MP3 Download
Good for Stress, Relaxation and Replenishing the Body
This meditation is good for people who have meditated before. It connects yourself with your own div..
Healing Room MP3 Download
Good for the challenges of losing weight or kicking a habit such as smoking or drinking
This meditation is probably the single most important meditation as most people can find a use for i..
Reiki Garden MP3 Download
Good for people who have been attuned to Reiki and to keep the connection. Also for those looking to develop there spirituality
This meditation is for people who have been attuned to Reiki, it connects you to the principles of R..
Relaxation with the Breath MP3 Download
Good for Stress Reduction, Healing and Replenishing the Body and enabling Soul Searching and Intuition
This meditation is ideal for people just starting to meditate because it uses a basic relaxation tec..
Soothing Oil MP3 Download
Good for life crisis, mourning and grief, everyday problems with relationships and family life
This meditation uses chakras which are our bodies energy centres which vibrate with colour. Seven ma..
Water Mediation MP3 Download
Good for Post Natal Depression, Insomnia, Blood Pressure, Anxiety
This is a longer meditation ideal for women suffering post natal depression and people who suffer wi..
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